Lithuania is a Baltic state, bordered by the Baltic Sea on the west, Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east, Poland to the southwest, and Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) to the west.

Lithuania is the most populous of the three Baltic states, with a little less than 3 million people. It is somewhat less forested and more widely developed than the other Baltic states. Like the others, its capital and largest city, Vilnius, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lithuania’s major warm-water port, Klaipėda, lies at the narrow mouth of the Curonian Lagoon, a shallow lagoon extending south to Kaliningrad.

Lithuania has some sandy coastline, over half of it by the Curonian sand peninsula. Lithuania’s glacial history has led to numerous lakes (e.g., Lake Vištytis) and extensive wetlands systems. The main and largest river is the Nemunas River, which is wide and deep enough to carry international shipping.

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Combination Atmosphere destinations combine elements of both cultural and natural destinations, where this combination is itself essential to the travel experience. Common examples are Archaeological Sites (where culture is usually experienced outdoors), Scenic Local Markets (where indigenous cultures interact outdoors), Hotsprings and Vineyard Areas (where nature provides the raw materials but humans create the surroundings), and Unique Cultural Landscapes (where humans and nature interact in innovative ways, as in the elaborate rice terracing systems of Asia).

Combination Interests typically fall somewhere in the middle of the three types of primary interests in terms of
(a) how climate-dependent they are
(b) how accessible and physically demanding they are.
Featuring both cultural and natural attractions.
Lithuania (photo by Nikater )

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A Natural Atmosphere includes a diverse range of destinations with outdoor-oriented features, including both water-based (beaches, rivers, lakes, etc) and land-based (mountains, forests, deserts, etc). It also includes specific outdoor activities, ranging from water adventuring (eg, kayaking, sailing) to land adventuring (eg, hiking, biking).

Natural Interests tend to be:
(a) outdoors-oriented, and therefore more dependent on weather conditions
(b) less easily accessible and more physically demanding than other destination categories.

In some cases (eg, rafting and climbing), this includes a significantly increased degree of adventure (or danger, depending on one's viewpoint).

Curonian Spit

A Cultural Atmosphere includes both the historic (eg, landmark town centers) and the contemporary (music, nightlife, etc).

Cultural Interests tend to be:
(a) indoors-oriented, and therefore not as linked to weather conditions for enjoyment
(b) relatively physically accessible, while also not being physically demanding.