Estonia is a Baltic state located on the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Finland. It has land borders with Latvia to the south and Russia to the east.

Estonia’s population is about 1.3 million. The capital city, Tallinn, has a medieval old town that was built by German crusaders in the Late Middle Ages and is in magnificent condition, with the medieval city walls and towers almost completely intact.

While climate can be a limiting factor, Estonia is known for its diverse water options, both ocean and inland. The country has 2,357 mi (3,794 km) of coastline marked by numerous bays, straits, and inlets. Inland, Estonia has over 1,400 lakes. While most are small, the largest, Lake Peipus, is 1,373 sq mi (3,555 km). There are also many rivers in the country, as well as numerous fens and bogs.

Enhancing the outdoor experience, boreal forests cover 61% of Estonia, with the most common tree species being pine, spruce and birch.

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Combination Atmosphere destinations combine elements of both cultural and natural destinations, where this combination is itself essential to the travel experience. Common examples are Archaeological Sites (where culture is usually experienced outdoors), Scenic Local Markets (where indigenous cultures interact outdoors), Hotsprings and Vineyard Areas (where nature provides the raw materials but humans create the surroundings), and Unique Cultural Landscapes (where humans and nature interact in innovative ways, as in the elaborate rice terracing systems of Asia).

Combination Interests typically fall somewhere in the middle of the three types of primary interests in terms of
(a) how climate-dependent they are
(b) how accessible and physically demanding they are.
Featuring both cultural and natural attractions.

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A Cultural Atmosphere includes both the historic (eg, landmark town centers) and the contemporary (music, nightlife, etc).

Cultural Interests tend to be:
(a) indoors-oriented, and therefore not as linked to weather conditions for enjoyment
(b) relatively physically accessible, while also not being physically demanding.