Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is the smallest of the countries comprising the United Kingdom.

Located in the northern part of the island of Ireland, it has long had a turbulent history as a battleground for the predominantly Protestant UK and predominantly Catholic Ireland. Peace negotiations several decades ago have changed this, and travelers today are safe from earlier political and military uprisings.
Northern Ireland is best known for its extended and scenic coastline. It is mostly hilly in its interior, with extensive hiking opportunities.

As with other countries in the UK, it represents a diverse patchwork of its own unique native culture combined with elements of the other UK countries. English is the common language.

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Combination Atmosphere destinations combine elements of both cultural and natural destinations, where this combination is itself essential to the travel experience. Common examples are Archaeological Sites (where culture is usually experienced outdoors), Scenic Local Markets (where indigenous cultures interact outdoors), Hotsprings and Vineyard Areas (where nature provides the raw materials but humans create the surroundings), and Unique Cultural Landscapes (where humans and nature interact in innovative ways, as in the elaborate rice terracing systems of Asia).

Combination Interests typically fall somewhere in the middle of the three types of primary interests in terms of
(a) how climate-dependent they are
(b) how accessible and physically demanding they are.
Featuring both cultural and natural attractions.
Northern Ireland (UK) (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

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A Natural Atmosphere includes a diverse range of destinations with outdoor-oriented features, including both water-based (beaches, rivers, lakes, etc) and land-based (mountains, forests, deserts, etc). It also includes specific outdoor activities, ranging from water adventuring (eg, kayaking, sailing) to land adventuring (eg, hiking, biking).

Natural Interests tend to be:
(a) outdoors-oriented, and therefore more dependent on weather conditions
(b) less easily accessible and more physically demanding than other destination categories.

In some cases (eg, rafting and climbing), this includes a significantly increased degree of adventure (or danger, depending on one's viewpoint).

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