Our Company

Berkeley, CA - USAPlanet Planner is a travel research and database company based in Berkeley, California. We offer a free, online, one-stop travel-planning center that simplifies your process of figuring out where in the world to go – and when… and then we help you book it.

The Problem – Travel Planning is Difficult
We are avid travelers ourselves, and we know how difficult travel planning can be. Yes, the information is available in guidebooks and online, but it’s spread around in so many different sources that figuring out where to go can be a major challenge.

This challenge is especially difficult for experienced travelers and those looking for out-of-the-way destinations off the main tourist radar screen. But travel planning is hard for any traveler, once personal interests and climate concerns are added to the mix.

You want destinations that have the features and activities that meet your travel interests, and the interests of your companions.

Time of the year may also factor into your travel decisions, especially if you’re planning to be outdoors, or want to go someplace where the weather is at its best.

Our Solution – Build Your Complete Trip
At Planet Planner, do a lot of the work for you. We’ve created a core database that focuses on 650 “bucket list” destinations in 148 countries, and we’ve created unique search tools to help create your perfect itinerary. Plus, you can book all your travel arrangements directly through Planet Planner… at no charge to you.

Our Destinations are World Class

Planet Planner matches you with destinations that travel experts agree are worth building entire trips around. We’ve classified every destination by a proprietary system that takes into account both the overall character of a place and the specific features and activities that highlight that place. We’ve also added information about local climate and other considerations.

We Provide Unique Tools
Planet Planner helps you:

  • Select your travel preferences and create a personalized list of destinations and countries that best match your travel dreams.
  • Locate great destinations geographically to build overall travel itineraries.
  • Book your transportation and lodging.


Planet Planner: Find great places, plan great trips. Absolutely free.