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Whether it’s remote and adventurous or easy and luxurious, Planet Planner’s unique search and mapping tools help you find destinations and countries that best match your travel preferences, help you create your perfect itinerary, and then book it.

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The Planet Planner 650 is the culmination of an extensive filtering process applied to nearly 4,000 destinations around the world. Our original list of places comes from four different authoritative sources, including all World Heritage Sites, as well as all places given top rankings in three other highly regarded professional sources — the Lonely Planet Travel Book, Rough Guide’s 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences, and the classic 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.




Planet Planner features world-class travel destinations that multiple experts have agreed are worth building an entire trip around.

To make our final list, every destination must be included in at least two of our four sources. This requirement winnowed our destinations from the thousands to the hundreds — truly the best of the best. While each source uses different criteria, they share an emphasis on important cultural or natural heritage and a destination’s unique specific features.


Every place on the final list is further classified by its overall atmosphere, ranging from the cultural and indoors-oriented to the natural and outdoors-oriented, with many places combining elements of both. Each place is also classified by the specific features and activities that have made it one of our top-ranking destinations. This makes it easy to locate places matching your own travel interests.

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